Perranporth and OOTD

Hiya fruit bats!

Here's another holiday post, this time from Perranporth in Cornwall. Perranporth is lovely - the sandy beach is so long and as it's a long walk to the shore there's lots of room for people to sit and play. While we were there we saw beach cricket matches, kite flying, more sand castles than you could shake a plastic spade at, and even horse riding. The beach is maintained by lifeguards as the surf is rough and it's common to see lifeguard trucks weaving in amongst beach goers to get down to the sea.

You may spot I'm wearing crocs, fake ones at least. Whenever I go to a beach I always have shoes at hand to protect my feet from stones and sharp sand. Fibromyalgia makes my feet really painful and I don't take any chances, even on a sandy beach like Perranporth. I would've taken my Havaiana's that Rach gave me for my birthday but was worried they might get carried away with the tide. (I have two great Rach's in my life, 'hometown Rach' and 'Canada/just-married Rach'. The shoes were from hometown Rach - I've known her since I was about 5, growing up in my then hometown.) The straps on the back of the crocs come in handy for keeping them on my feet.

There are lots of caves and rock pools for the intrepid to explore at Perranporth at low tide, but I'm too accident prone to risk it. There's always a sense of 'Nah-uh, things are challenging enough already, I don't want to add a fall into the mix.'

I'm wearing:

Kimono, past season Yours Clothing
Vest top, past season Asda
Harem pants folded up to the knee, past season Simply Be similar
Crime-to-fashion shoes, bargain shops everywhere
Sand up my legs, Mother Nature and sun cream

It was a really hot day and the sea was so refreshing. We bathed our feet in the currents as we walked down to the sea, then I went in the very shallow waves. My balance isn't good and I'm still wary after my tumble in the sea last year. The waves in Cornwall are great for surfing in many places - which makes them not so great for paddling/swimming, as the currents can be so rough.

I took my shoes off for the walk back once I'd realised it was totally safe - Cornish sand is a lot softer than Sussex sand. Ah, cool water and breeze on my feet, lovely!

One of the best things about going to the beach for me is feeling the air on my feet and other places. I've bought 2 fatkinis in the last 2 weeks and will have a blog post coming up soon. What do you wear to the beach?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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