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When we went to Cornwall recently, we stayed at Piran Meadows resort and spa, a gorgeous home-from-home not far from Newquay.

James's mum and dad found a reduced 4 night break, and seven of us went on a family holiday. James and I shared a caravan with his mum and dad to share the cost, and his brother, our sister in law and our baby niece stayed in one nearby.

The word caravan doesn't do the accommodation justice though, not at all.

The park itself is beautifully landscaped with not a bit of litter to be seen anywhere. I didn't see so much as a discarded chewing gum wrapper the whole time we were there. The caravan is the most luxurious one we'd ever stayed in, and I didn't think that possible after the caravan we stayed in at Easter. As to the cleanliness when we arrived, the only way I can describe it is forensically clean. You would imagine no one had ever stayed there before you. If you pass a staff member on the site, they'll say hello and make conversation, and not the kind of 'Oh, this is my job and I hate it' conversation, but an actual 'How are you? Is everything OK for you?' conversation.

Our caravan had 2 bedrooms and 2 toilet/shower rooms. James and I had the twin room, and the beds and bedding were to die for. We've both never slept so well in our lives. In fact, coming home to our own bed has been such a frustrating experience we're going to email Piran Meadows to ask them which mattresses and bedding they use. I think I only managed to keep up with everyone else on this holiday (after the busy few weeks beforehand) because I was crashing out every night as soon as my head hit the pillow. That NEVER normally happens. I toss and turn for hours each night.

In James's mum and dad's bedroom they had an en-suite and a massive walk in wardrobe, and even in our small bedroom there was ample storage.

Our bathroom

Our bedroom

There were lots of luxurious features like a flat screen in the living room and in the main bedroom, and plenty of plug sockets everywhere. Normally on holiday in a caravan everyone is antsy to get their phones and gadgets charged up, but despite us all being tech-heads who'd taken a minimum of 2-3 gadgets each, we were fine. Not only that, but there is free wifi on the whole park! Hell yeah.

Having 2 showers and toilets was wonderful as well, as there was no morning rush to get everyone ready. There was a full size fridge-freezer in the kitchen and plenty of good quality non-stick pans, not those hideous cheap ones you usually get which get ruined the first time you use them. (If you've ever stayed in a caravan you'll know what I mean because every single caravan I've stayed in thus far (dozens of them over the years) has used the same cheap crap.) There was a fire in the living room which got roasting hot, as well as radiators and a heated towel rail in the bathroom. And luxurious fluffy white towels are already in the caravan - a bath sheet and hand towel each. The beds were already made up, and there was a welcome pack in the kitchen with tea, coffee, biscuits etc. Everything has been thought of.

We only ate onsite once but the food was to die for. SO good. There are lots of facilities - a swimming pool, onsite bar and restaurant, spa and gym, bowling lanes, pool tables, play areas for kids, etc. On some of the more expensive accommodation like the lodges, they have hot tubs on the veranda! Oh my days. There are a couple of things some people may see as drawbacks - there's no evening entertainment, and the onsite shop is tiny. I frankly hate the cheesy evening entertainment that most caravan parks have and didn't miss it at all (I didn't even note the lack of entertainment until James's mum pointed it out) and we always do the shopping at a supermarket on the way to a destination anyway.

Would we go back to Piran Meadows? HELL YES. With bells on. As soon as possible! James and I want to go back next year.

If you're heading to Cornwall and want to stay in a central location in stunning style, then Piran Meadows is for you. It's worth every penny of extra money compared to its competitors - but I don't believe it has any real competitors. Caravan holidays will never be the same now they'll be held up to this standard! I know caravan holidays have a bad rap, but this place is not a caravan park as you know it.

Thanks for reading,
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