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Hello sweet peas,

I have a lovely airy summer top on today from Polly Grace, another new plus size clothing line.

In times past I might have been anxious about baring my arms as my confidence level fluctuates, but balls to that in this heat! (It was 91 degrees here two days ago.) I'm not going to make myself uncomfortable to suit other people's eyeballs. I can safely say the world will not stop spinning if you expose pieces of your body you're anxious about. There have been times when people stared at me, and either they're rude arseholes who were dragged up instead of brought up, or else I'm giving off 'Don't look at me!' vibes if I'm having a no confidence day. It happens to us all now and then.

Choose what you want to wear, then own it. If people DO stare or make comments they're such sad individuals they deserve pity. It's always about them and their insecurities, never about you anyway. Wear what you like. My last two outfits have involved bare arms. I went to the pub, to a dress fitting and walked around my local area with my dad. No one's eyeballs fell out of their head. I call that a win, especially as my arms were lovely and cool.

The top is a very oversized size 24 and I'd say it'd probably fit up to a size 30. It has slits up the side and is longer at the back.

I'm wearing:

Penny shirt, Polly Grace size 24
Peach vest, Asda, but given to me by Mookie. (We regularly swap clothes.)
Lace side leggings, Yours Clothing
Shoes, past season Very.co.uk similar here

Have you bought anything from Polly Grace?
Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

I bought everything in this post except the vest, which Mookie gave me.

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