Beauty | MUA Luxe shimmer sticks and how to use them*

Hello pickles,

I have some new things from MUA to show you over the next couple of weeks. Today I have MUA Luxe bronze and highlight shimmer sticks which are full of pretty sparkles.

MUA Luxe shimmer stick bronzer and highlight swatches

These sticks are £4 each and twist up just like a lipstick. The highlight is lovely, and gives the look of sun bouncing off skin. The bronzer is a little light for my face at the moment since I'm quite tanned, so I've used it heavily so it shows up on camera.

MUA Luxe shimmer stick review and swatches
Bottom right - blurry shot to show the sparkles

The photo below shows unblended swatches of the bronzer. To blend the sticks you can use your fingers or a brush. I used a flat, rounded tipped foundation brush to blend mine, using gentle downward strokes as I didn't want to risk it 'balling' up as some creamy face products can when you blend in a rough windscreen-wiper motion.


Highlighting is all about bringing areas of your face forward, and using contour or bronzer is about making things retreat. Highlighting gives a healthy, youthful glow to the face which gives the look of the sun falling on areas which naturally catch the light, and it's a great way of cheating on dull skin days. Using bronzer or contour gives the illusion of depth, which is why I used it under my cheekbones to give them the appearance of being deeper than they are. Using highlighting and contour/bronzer in combination helps give the face definition.

Here's how I used the highlight and bronzer. 

You can also use bronzer or contour to drastically alter your face, but I did a quite light, natural look in this instance. By using a dark product at the sides of your face you give the illusion of a longer, thinner face. You can also contour your jawline and double chins to give the illusion of having less chins - I call it the fat girl contour and I'll cover that another time. :)

Another place you can use bronzer is in your cleavage to give the impression of a bit more oomph! Just apply between your girls and blend up and outward in a v shape. It really works. It's an old drag queen trick. ;)

MUA also do a shimmer blush stick, which is also £4. Buy here or on and in Superdrug stores (depending on stock levels.)

Do you highlight and/or contour?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*These items were sent to me by MUA but my opinion is honest and my own.

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