Festive things including Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot

Every year Soap and Glory do a bumper gift set which goes down to half price for a week just before Christmas. I really wasn't intending to buy it this year, but I'm weak. 😆 This year the set is called The Whole Glam Lot and I was planning to give it a miss. I didn't think I'd be to be going shopping at the weekend as I expected the shops to be busy and hellish. I ended up going to our local retail park on Saturday with my family, and Boots was empty - oh yes! I ended up having to pop in there to get a voucher for my brother anyway, and there was a massive pile of Whole Glam Lots stacked up winking at me so I. It was like something out of Sausage Party - it virtually leaped into my arms to go to the great beyond!

The Whole Glam Lot has 10 products in and normally sells for £60 but until this Thursday it's £30 at Boots. I believe everything included at full price would cost about £80 if bought separately, plus you get a mini hard travel case to put everything in. You get:

  • Sugar Crush™ Body Wash (500ml) - I've used this before and it smells AH-MAZING! It's zingy, zesty and just a joy to use.
  • The Scrub Of Your Life™ Super-Smoothing Body Buffer (200ml) - This is another old fave. It's a harsh scrub which is great for the bobbly skin on my upper arms.
  • The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter (300ml) - This is a really thick butter which is great for dry winter skin. I find it takes a while to sink in which puts me off using it as often as I should, but it's a great treat to put some on before bed then get into some cosy jammies.
  • Smoothie Star™ Deep Moisture Body Milk (500ml) - This stuff smells SO GOOD, like hot milk and sugar - so comforting. It's my crack. It's actually got oats in it but it reminds me of the hot milk my mum used to make for my brother and I when we were little to help us sleep.
  • Hand Food™ Hydrating Hand Cream (125ml) - This is great but it needs to be used quickly or else it separates. Don't hold onto it for years! I've had to chuck 2 of them recently.
  • Face Soap And Clarity™ 3-In-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash (350ml) - I've never used this before but I look forward to it as I've used other face washes by S&G and have enjoyed them.
  • Speed Plump™ Super Moisture Day Cream (50ml) - I haven't used this before but will test it soon.
  • Thick & Fast™ High-Definition Collagen* Coat™ Mascara (10ml) - I LOVE this mascara. It makes my lashes lovely and fat. They're plenty long enough already so I only need volume.
  • Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Gloss in ROSE & SHINE (4ml) - I find these lip glosses really sticky and annoying, but I'll gift it on or give it to the charity shop.
  • Hand Maid™ Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (50m) - I've never used this before either but it'll go in my handbag for when there's no hand soap in public loos. 

Onto my photo collages - Clockwise below - (Big pic) my Soap and Glory spoils, the Christmas decorations up in my favourite pub, a sneak peek of my Christmassy Ikea Kallax unit behind me, my lovely Christmas tree bag (sadly now out of stock online) as seen in this post, a lovely red lip screams festive to me, a close up of the hard case The Whole Glam Lot comes in, which is made up of thousands of fan selfies.
Clockwise below - (Big pic) My red and green festive makeup, the village pub all lit up for Christmas, lovely berries, my recent Superdrug order, which was made more festive with a bit of tinsel (I know I'm reaching here, haha), and finally the Christmas decorations at Westfield, a village just north of Hastings, East Sussex. We go here every year to see the pretty lights.
How's your run up to Christmas going? I've decorated 3 mini Christmas trees and put tinsel and decorations on/in my Ikea Kallax. Every year that comes along I do less and less decorating for Christmas as I don't have the energy, but we have a couple of strings of Christmas lights up, not the usual National Grid-draining effort of the past. 😀 My Christmas cards are mostly written but I haven't posted any yet. I've bought a bunch of gift bags (my arms are weak from Fibro and wrapping things is hard) but even so I've still only done 2 people's gift bags. I'll leave it all to the last minute as usual. 😉

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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