I wear what I want

Something wonderful happens when you stop comparing yourselves to other people. How can you create anything that makes you happy if you have other people in your head? And that applies to any creative endeavour. The outfits that make me happiest are the ones which would never grace the pages of fat Vogue, if such a publication were to exist. The happiest ones are where I get to express my quirky personality through clothes, not necessarily where I look the most fashionable.

I bought this t-shirt from Feminine Funk in the US some months ago, but it's still available - link at the end of the post. It's a very short crop top - it barely covers the bottom of boobs as it came, so I've slashed the neck so it sits lower. It has a raw (unsewn) hem, so it rolls up something fierce.
I'm wearing that coat again. This is why it's so good to hold onto some old treasures. This coat has been with me since at least the early 2000s, and now I've rediscovered it I can't get enough. It's not just new things that excite me, but things I've forgotten about.
While we were taking these photos there was some curtain twitching going on from the nearest house, so I did a couple of twirls so they could see all of me. If they're going to stare give them a show!
I'm wearing:

Faux fur coat similar here (black) up to size 32 £59, here (brown) £59 up to size 32
Slogan tee $22 + shipping - I'm wearing the 3X
Skirt, past season, similar here £15 up to size 32, here £17 up to size 36
Faux fur lined boots (just seen past) season similar here £48 (wide fit) here £39.99 (not wide fit)

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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