FK Flattering - a monochrome outfit

I think the best outfits have something old and something new, and this look has a t-shirt that's a few years old with my new Elvi skirt.

I won the t shirt about 4 or 5 years ago on Em Boombands' blog and this is probably about the 4th time I've featured it in a blog post, although I've worn it far more often than that. It's by someone called Gisela Ramirez, an Australian designer who had range way back in 2011 or so, but I don't think she's designing any more as her website has nothing on it.
Here's a GIF. The skirt actually gets the wind up it even when I'm not trying to puff it out. I felt like I was going to take off at some point - it sure is windy on that balcony!
I really liked my makeup this day so here are a couple of close ups. I'm wearing eyeshadows from the Sleek Makeup Acid palette on my lips and eyes, over NYX's milk eye crayon. It really makes colours pop. I'm really into makeup at the moment so expect lots more face!
I'm wearing:
Necklace, past Black Heart Creatives
Top, Gisela Ramirez
Dip hem leather look midi skirt, Elvi £59.50 at the moment through ASOS
Burgundy wide fit shoes, Simply Be £8

I'm having a clothing sale on Facebook today (Friday). The link is here. I'll start uploading photos at 7pm and there are dresses, tops, shoes, bags etc. If you've ever wanted to shop my wardrobe, here's your chance.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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