My thrifty DIY beauty advent calendar

Hi loves!
Last year my dad was working at M&S so he got a hefty discount, so he got me the M&S beauty advent calendar. This year he's not and I'm too skint to buy one of my own after our move so I had a brainwave - all the little bits and bobs I've got lying around from beauty boxes, all the things I've bought recently and never swatched/opened, let alone used, they've all gone in.

I've got 3-5 things in every day's box and I'm going to be doing swatches and mini reviews on Instagram. I may do a weekly round up post of each week's treats here too.
I've got all kinds of things in here. Lip products, there are a lot of those due to the shape of the boxes (and my obsession with lip products, to be frank!) There's some nail polish, some skincare and a few other things I can't even remember - how exciting! There are brands like MUA, Makeup Revolution London, B. from Superdrug, Barry M, Urban Decay and so on. It'll be a voyage of discovery!

It's after midnight so I *could* open my first box now, but I'll wait until tomorrow. Have you ever made yourself a DIY advent calendar?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo



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