Hiya love bugs,

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing! This is a post of all the little things which don't necessitate a blog of their own but deserve to be seen anyway.

Sunsets are always good, right? They're so lovely at this time of year. Autumn and winter's saving grace is the low sun which makes for spectacular views when the sun falls beyond the sea.

 This one is a bit blurry, but I like it anyway because the sky is so dramatic.

This lovely bracelet was made by my friend Sarah. She does lots of one off pieces as well custom jewellery and she's also a dab hand with wool as well. She's usually the first port of call for my friends' birthday presents and you can find her Facebook fan page here. (I started off as a customer of Sarah's which blossomed into friendship very quickly as she's so warm. If she wasn't in Liverpool I'm sure we would've had many chin wags over cuppas by now).

Here's a recent mani I did. A few people on Instagram said the feature nail reminded them of sprinkles on a doughnut. I hadn't thought of that before, but it kinda does! I used Barry M Greenberry, the accent nail is MUA Mud Pie and the sprinkles on the accent nail is Barry M Sour Apple.

How was your weekend? Mine was good. James had Friday off work so we had 2 little outings this weekend (photos will follow) and a day of rest yesterday. I'm finding exercise slightly counteracts the crappiness of SAD, but that is hampered slightly at the moment by the pain when I walk. On both Friday and Saturday when we ventured out, it felt like the muscles at the backs of my legs were piano keys and someone was belting them with a tent mallet. It was sharp stabbing pain (if it had a theme tune it'd be the high notes of the Psycho music!) but thankfully it went away after a few minutes both days. It has reminded me to keep my joints well oiled, even if it's a mad dance around the living room a few times a day. I really need to start yoga again as that's great for working all the joints too.

I had a couple of days off from reading blogs this weekend (and planning for my own posts) as I needed to chill out. I laundered a bin bag full of clothes I'm going to sell and will put them up on the blog soon.

I'm looking forward to Mookie and her husband Mike coming to stay with us this weekend. It's Hastings Bonfire on Saturday and we're going out for a meal and a drink, then we'll watch the procession. It's a lot of fun - cauldrons of fire are dragged through the town, there are members of various local bonfire societies in all kinds of fancy dress carrying fiery torches, and there will be drummers banging in tempo so loudly you can feel the vibrations in your body. There's a primal, earthy, pagan vibe to it which I love, but it isn't for the faint hearted as there's a lot of noise and a lot of people. When the procession gets to the seafront, a huge pile of wood awaits (which is about 50 feet tall) and a representative from each bonfire society goes up to the pile with a flaming torch and throws it on. The town will be absolutely heaving with people and we'll watch the fire dance in the wind before watching the firework display afterwards. It's a fantastic night out and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who can get get there. I can't wait to see how my new phone handles the difficult light conditions. (I've had the LG G3 about a week). So far the photos on it are fantastic.

It'll also mark a year since Mookie and I met. Time flies!

What have you got planned for this week?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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