Red velvet, but no cupcakes

Greetings earth dwellers!

I'm wearing burgundy and velvet today and this combination makes me think of red velvet cupcakes for some reason or another. These photos were taken last Friday when James and I went to Hastings Cemetery. I nearly's so good! There will (of course!) be photos to follow. We barely scratched the surface because it is huge and there are some fantastic gravestones there.

We had a spot of lunch sitting on a bench with a tree behind us to protect us from the wind, then took some photos of what I was wearing. Doing photos after lunch was a bit of a silly idea, as I had some of James's diet coke then bloated up and nearly popped my belt off, hahaha.

Hello you. No, hello you!
It was nippy in the wind

The Mr in his aged Slayer tee.

Jacket, old Taking Shape
Dress, old New Look Inspire
Leggings, Very
Shoes, Very
Hair flower, OWHH Millinery flower of the month club
Belt, old ASOS Curve

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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