H&M wishlist

Hiya loves!

There are soooo many good things coming out right now that I can barely keep up with the wishlists!

Sorry for two wishlist posts on the trot but the early dark nights have had an effect on my mental health and I'm feeling a bit fragile. Whenever there's a big change in the weather or the amount of sunlight (clocks going back/forward etc) it knocks me for six for a while. I've been going to bed earlier to be able to get up earlier and thus see more daylight, but I've been feeling extra tired (probably because I'm making an effort to feed myself properly this week) and am still getting up late morning/early afternoon. I hope to get out this weekend to do some outfit shots and I also have some tights reviews to come up next week.

Here's my lust list for H&M goodies. Their plus lines haven't always been that strong but they seem to have improved things a bit recently.

Green jersey tunic £14.99
Gold mask £7.99
Animal rings £2.99
Heart print bag £12.99
4 pack magnetic frames £5.99
Leopard print beanie hat £6.99
Red lips shoulder bag £14.99
Burgundy handbag £29.99 

Grey polka dot cardi £12.99
Grey dotted jersey top £7.99
Pink jersey top £7.99

If nothing else I MUST lay my hands on those fridge photo frames. They're so cute.

Have you seen anything you like here?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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