Makeup Revolution £1 lipsticks in Beloved & Dazzle

Hiya pickles!

I can't resist a bargain and I have quite a few £1 lipsticks from Makeup Rev. Here are a couple of lovely pink colours I got recently - Beloved, a lighter pink, and Dazzle, a hotter pink.

Makeup Revolution £1 pink lipsticks in Beloved & Dazzle

I found Beloved to be quite draggy and drying, but Dazzle was very moisturising. For £1 I'd be mad to expect much longevity, but I get a couple of hours out of both. I don't mind reapplying lipstick at all, because after a look in the mirror I know I haven't got panda eyes or food stuck in my teeth. :)

Makeup Revolution £1 lipstick swatches in Beloved & Dazzle

Makeup Revolution £1 lipstick swatches in Beloved & Dazzle 2

The one drawback I have found with Makeup Rev £1 lippies (as opposed to MUA's £1 lippies) is that they all break off at the base within a few uses. Every lipstick I have by them which I've worn a lot is broken. It's somewhat annoying, but not the end of the world when it's a quid after all. I just wanted to draw your attention to that.

Are you a luxe lipstick lover, or a bargain hunter like me? Because I lose things so often I'm happy with cheap lipsticks most of the time. 

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