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Hello love bugs,

SAD and PMS are kicking the shit out of me right now. This is as much of an outfit as I could muster today and that involves no makeup, no accessories and sod all done with my hair. I had to go out to post parcels and I couldn't do it naked...

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This t-shirt is one of last year's New Look Inspire Halloween goodies, but they have a very nice skeleton one which may or may not have already fallen into my basket. ;) This one glows in the dark, and so does the skeleton one. Earlier on I came out of the bathroom into the dark hallway and caught myself glowing (I'd forgotten) and called James out to come and have a look.

The t shirt is really thin but I don't mind it at this time of year when I can get away with a cardigan over the top of a shirt and still be warm. The skirt was a sale purchase from Very earlier in the year and has the fat girl holy grail - pockets! The skirt and top are both a size 24, which shows trying smaller sizes can sometimes work! I have everything from a size 18 to size 32 in my wardrobe. Hell, I have a coat that's a size 24 from last year and one from last year that's a size 32 and they fit identically! Try, try, try and don't take ANY notice of the size. If it fits you, then buy it. 

I'm wearing the dark purple cardi from New Look I wore previously, a skirt from South by Very and my shoes from Very also.

These early dark evenings and grey days are sucking all the joy out of me. Without being too much of an emo I'm finding life really difficult at the moment. I have no motivation. All I do is sleep and read and some days I only eat one meal and a snack a day. I've been making sure to get some fruit in mah belleh every day but other than that I'm a disaster area. I must've read about 20 books in the last month alone. Maybe I should write a post about that? Heh.

I'm dreading the clocks going back. My sleep is so screwed at the moment I don't fall asleep until about 6 am (no matter what time I go to bed) so I'm waking up halfway through the afternoon. James is really struggling to cope with work at the moment as he's so tired so I'm going to work on him buying us a SAD lamp as I know it'll benefit us both. UK peeps - how are you doing with the winter blues?

New Look Inspire dark purple cardi
T shirt, last year's New Look Inspire
Skirt, South by Very
Shoes, past Very

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Leah xoxo

P.S. I'll hopefully drag myself out of bed early enough this weekend to take photos of another Halloween outfit I have planned (much nicer than this one!)

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