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Hiya dolls!

Because I didn't grow up with the internet I don't actually watch too many Youtube videos. I have to be in the right mood for it, but once I am it's like being sucked into a black hole and I can lose hours. Here are some of my recently watched videos - there are a few cute animals, some plus size babes talking about love, an excellent plus size anthem (which doesn't rely on putting down any other body types) and some comedy. Lemme know what you've been watching in the comments!

(Some of these vids are rather sweary, in case you're watching with an ankle biter in the room).

Ah, this is still good. I LOVE Matt Damon. Sarah Silverman, meh, I'm all about the Damonator.

There are a whole series of the rude tweet videos on the Jimmy Kimmel channel and I laughed hard at a lot of them.

Have tissues ready for this next one. How gently she takes the food! What a sweetie.

This is so cute!

This song is BRILLIANT!

Thanks for taking a look.
Leah xoxo

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