Goals for 2015 and weight loss ain't one of them

Hello lovelies!

It's THAT time of the year where everyone and his dog vows to go on a cabbage diet and jog for 4 hours a day as well as single handedly bringing about world peace. Too much sarcasm? ;)

Call them resolutions, goals or aims, the intent at this time of year is usually the same - drastic change. Drastic change as inferred because the current you isn't good enough. Well I say FUCK THAT.

I'm all about slow and steady change, realistic goals and no self-flagellation (unless that's your kink, of course!)

Here's what I'm aiming for next year.

  1. Using washing up gloves when I wash up as my hands are looking a bit ropey these days. Bonus - my nails should split less if I do. This is the first thing that came to mind - random or what?!
  2. Up the exercise because joints that work in old age are great. I'm going to get back into yoga and have swingy, lubricated joints rather than ones which creak in the cold. If moving more makes things shrink a bit then so be it, but my goal is strength and ease of movement for now and the future. I might even buy some light weights and do a bit of lifting. I hear it's very good for you. RAAAAAAAH!
  3. Spend less money on me and more on things for the flat. We've been here nearly 5 years and will hopefully be here at least a couple more. I have this thing where I never really do anything to a place we rent as it never feels like home, but then it'll never feel like home if I don't do anything to it. ;) I say I as James would rather chop his third leg off than do DIY.
  4. Buy less overall. I've come back from my Christmas in Kent and London with a real bee in my bonnet about simplifying my life and getting rid of clutter. If I buy less overall there'll be less to look after, and thus less stress for me. 
  5. Take my bloody asthma inhalers. I'm one stupid asthmatic. My lungs slam shut when it's as cold as this but do I remember to take the things which help me breathe? Not usually.
  6. Get back on my skin care game. I've let it slip the last few months as I've been under the winter blues, and it shows. Moar exfoliation! Milia, be gone, you stubborn wee shits!
  7. Start doing date nights with hubby. We'll have been together 12 years in April and I feel the need for some special times to make things feel more lovey-dovey. His ideal night in involves him lovingly caressing his pc, and I need to drag him out of the house occasionally.
  8. Drink more water. It'll make my skin and hair look so much better. I've given up Coke/Pepsi (except for the occasional one every couple of weeks) and I'm drinking sugar free squash instead so hopefully it'll be relatively easy to do. 
  9. Continue to try new things in fashion, but definitely thrift more things rather than buying new. I'm putting myself on a Simply Be and New Look ban. I'm banning Simply Be as I have a big bill to pay off, and I'm nixing New Look as I'm still not happy with them removing Inspire from stores. (I still buy bags and shoes from them, but not clothes and I haven't done in a couple of months.)
  10. Be more me - even if this means less people want to work with me on the blog. As much as it's nice to be sent things, I'd sooner squeeze in the odd swear word for emphasis than worry about whether this puts a potential collaborator off. I constantly self-censor, but I'm tiring of it. It doesn't mean every other word will start with an F or a C, you can expect things as they are now (only one F word in this post, whooo!) I also mean I'll be more honest - about my mental health and how it affects me (I feel like I've been stuck on a rollercoaster for the last few months, the highs and lows have been so extreme) and everything else. I feel there's a slight shift happening in blogging and the ultra-polished magazine-feel blogs (although they have their place) are losing popularity to people who write with honesty and heart. I love real blogs - even if they expose ugly emotions or trying times. Ultimately I connect to people who struggle, because I think we all do in life from time to time. 
  11. Either start swatching my enormous 'to blog' make up pile or give up on that idea and just USE IT goddamnit.
That's about it for now. None of these aims stem from 'I hate myself' because I bloody don't, and because this time of year is absolutely toxic for that. Ugh. It makes me come out in hives just thinking about all the dozens of people I'm going to see on social media promising everyone (and themselves) a 'better them' as they feel the current one is unacceptable. Please know you are fine as you are, that the world is totally fucked up when it comes to body image (oh bum, that's 2 eff words now!) but if you do want to change something about yourself - do all things from a position of love, and all will be well. I promise. You rock, you've got this, and whatever may or may not happen this coming year, you are still perfect and loveable and precious, so please know that, and don't beat yourself up. OK?

Tell me 3 things you want to achieve in 2015 which stem from self-love, not self hatred. Go go go!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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