Life Lately including my rebrand!

Hi lovelies!

It's been a while since I did a life lately post. So, what have I been up to? A lot. July was an incredibly busy month for me. It was such a good month, full of family and good times.

I went on holiday to Cornwall in the first week of July. I went with James and his mum, dad, brother, my sister in law and their 3 year old girl E. It was lovely. I took loads of clothes with the aim of doing lots of outfit changes every day to take photos for the blog and I basically wore whatever was easiest for sitting on the floor with a 3 year old doing jigsaw puzzles. Life with a toddler in tow is manic but I enjoyed every minute! E is really becoming her own little person now, and it's lovely to have conversations with her. She's turning into a right little girlie girl and every day she emptied my handbag out to look at my makeup bag and what else I had in there. "But Auntie Leeeeyah, what's new in there?" So every day I'd put different lipsticks or a different scarf in there for her to 'discover'. And I bought her her own little makeup bag (with princesses on, no less!) and a lipbalm so she can pretend to be a grown up. I miss my nieces so much when I'm not with them.

I've got a few outfits to share from the holiday but most of them aren't special so I'll do a round up post of everything I wore on holiday in due course. Here's a photo of me by a sea cave in Perranporth.

On the way home from Cornwall we stopped off with my friend Jayne in Weymouth for a day and had a lovely time together, and the next day we went to Wiltshire to stay with friends there too. It was the perfect end to a lovely break. 3 days after we got back my family came to stay for 6 days. Visiting us were my uncle, aunt, dad and cousin. While they were staying with us my eldest niece, her mum, another aunt, another cousin, my brother (and his friend's dog!) joined us for the day as it was pirate day, which is a fantastic Hastings event. It was hectic as anything trying to keep track of 11 people and a dog but we did it somehow! Here's my eldest niece C with one of the many Jack Sparrows we saw on the day.

Two days after my family left James and I were in Kent to stay with my brother. And then on Sunday my mum, step dad and dad joined us for Sunday lunch, which my brother cooked. It was delicious and a lovely family meal, and then we went to Rochester Castle and Cathedral, which was a great day in the sunshine. Here's my mum, me, my dad and my brother. My step dad's not in the picture as he stayed behind for a rest after lunch. Rochester High Street is lovely and historic and I had a high old time taking a bajillion photos. My dad bought me and my mum some fudge as we meandered our way down the High St to the pub, where we finished off our afternoon.

My mum's just like me (or rather, I'm like her) in that she always pulls a face when in front of a camera. There were 4 other shots that James took as well of the four of us together but this is the most sensible of the lot. I'm shaking with laughter just thinking about the faces she pulled in the other photos. She'll kill me if she ever sees this! ;)

I had a little rest for about a week before I was off to London and Guildford for two days. On July 28th I went to the Thirty Plus Awards as I was a finalist. Me, a finalist?! It didn't seem real! The whole day was magical. I took Mookie and her daughter Liv with me as my dates and we had a lovely day, eating at Scandi Kitchen in London before the event so Mookie and Liv could feel at home and speak Norwegian with the servers. I had Swedish meatballs and they were amazing! The event was brilliant - I wore a glorious dress and I felt like a million dollars. I didn't win an award but I wasn't expecting to and it didn't spoil my evening one bit. Here's a look at my outfit. I have a post due about the whole night, so keep em peeled!

The dress is from Simply Be and you can buy it here. It's £69. I will say the embroidery has unravelled a bit but I still love it! Do treat it with care.

Mookie and I made a couple of new friends at the event, and afterwards we did street shots of our outfits, then went to Burger King. The looks I got sitting in my majestic frock at Waterloo eating a dirty burger were hilarious!! I stayed over at Mookie and Mike's that night because the next day Mookie and I were going to a Boohoo event. Here's Lottie and I at the event - which was all about pizza, prosecco and new lines.

They have so many lush things coming for A/W its unreal and YESSSSSSS they're extending their size range! They have a few size 26 and size 28 pieces in already. I'm so happy! I'll be writing about that event and sharing some photos of the pretties in an upcoming post! There are soooo many things coming!

Alas, the month had a couple of little downsides right at the end. I've got to have my ovary removed as I have such horrendous painful periods (you can read the blog post about it all here) and I also got diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome. Overall the month was amazing and although my health issues are a worry, the month overall was such a blessing.

Now you may have noticed I'm coming atcha from a different address! xLoveLeahx is my new thing.  I started Just Me Leah when I was just on the cusp of my journey to confidence after my ectopic pregnancy and near death in 2011. The humble 'Just Me Leah' seemed fitting at the time. I'm not that apologetic girl anymore though. My self confidence has soared in the last 5 years and a blog title which sounds almost like an apology doesn't suit my new kick arse state of being. LoveLeah is a play on words - lovelier. I couldn't get the Love Leah url as-is because a model owns it, so I used xLoveLeahx as then there's a kiss on either side of the name. :) Here are all my new places - I've updated them in my sidebar too but here ya go!

Email: loveleahblog @ (omit the spaces, I'm trying to avoid spammers)

My Bloglovin' is screwed for the time being so you won't be able to read there if you usually do. I emailed support as it wouldn't let me transfer my existing followers to the new blog, and instead of doing that they've attached my old spare blog (which I don't use any more) to my Bloglovin account. People are confused because they're not seeing Just Me Leah or LoveLeah and I'm losing followers. I hope Bloglovin' sort it out soon.

Thanks for reading this mammoth post! So keep your eyes peeled for all the good stuff to come. Leah xoxo

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