Fun and affordable plus size dresses from CowCow

Hello lovelies! Did you know you can get plus size dresses in fun designs like unicorns, cupcakes and penguins up to a US size 5XL and for less than £15 each? No? Then read on, my friends!

***See updated sizing info at the end of the post***

If you follow me on social media you may know I've gone on a bit of a CowCow dresses rampage. CowCow are a Chinese clothing manufacturer with storefronts on Amazon US and Amazon UK. I first saw them on the awesome Corissa's blog and fell in love with the designs and the price. I've bought 4 of their dresses in the last 2 months and have another one on the way. They also do leggings, crop tops, skirts and other items.

The dress in this post was the first one I bought from CowCow. I got it from the US store.

COWCOW plus size dresses up to 5x plus size unicorn dress plus size cupcake dress plus size dresses

I'm wearing a size 3X which is ample on my size 26/28 frame. Prices are in $ as it's a US site but you can convert your payment into £ in the cart and get things shipped from the US store to the UK using your normal UK log in. I got the dress for £13.61 plus free postage. Some of the dresses are also available in the UK store but there is slightly less choice on the UK site vs the US. The dresses take about 2 weeks to arrive. There are no customs fees into the UK as the dresses are sent from China. The dresses go up to size 5x in certain styles, which means they should fit up to a UK size 32+++. The dresses have 10% elastane and as such would fit even larger. They wash great and dry in a flash. One thing I will say is I think the scoop neck and reversible styles are thicker and shorter so stick to the basic skater styles and you should be fine. I'm 5 ft 5 and a half so gauge the length on me to give you an idea of how it'll fit on you.

COWCOW plus size dresses up to 5x plus size unicorn dress plus size cupcake dress plus size dresses

I'm not sure why exactly, but some of the dresses won't ship to UK addresses. I've ordered 3 dresses on separate occasions with no issue, but some styles I like won't ship here. I'm not sure if this is an error on CowCow's part or Amazon's, but there still should be plenty of nice dresses for you to choose from. I did have feedback from a couple of readers in Scandinavia who said Amazon didn't ship to their location initially, but after emailing them this was remedied.

When you look at any listing, do click through to see the different colour and pattern choices as some single listings have over 30 colour and pattern choices. Sometimes the title of the listing will have little to do with the actual choices, so it's worth clicking through on every item to see what random gems are waiting to be found.

For example using the picture above, the vintage roses dress has 43 colours and patterns to choose from. The Iridescent pattern dress has 11 choices. The hamburger lollipop etc dress has 44 choices. The dinosaur dress has 27 choices.

COWCOW plus size dresses up to 5x plus size unicorn dress plus size cupcake dress plus size dresses

I'm wearing:
CowCow Womens Hamburger Lollipop Candy Macaroon Cupcake Icecream Skater Dress in pink
Cardigan, past season Bonmarche
White cropped leggings, Yours Clothing
Shoes, past season Very
Bag, Primark

I also bought two dresses from the UKAmazon in size 3X and they're smaller than the US 3X. I'd say they're actually more like a 1x. They still fit but they're tight and they're slightly shorter than the US 3X dresses. Because there's far more choice on the US site I'm going to continue to buy from there. Yes you CAN get some dresses up to a 5x on the UK store but most of the styles I want are from the US site anyway. Just be aware that if you buy from UK the dresses are not the same sizes as the US site.

Here's a photo of me in one of the UK 3X dresses. You can see how tight it is compared to the dress above. It's at least 4 inches narrower unstretched than the US 3X.

COWCOW plus size dresses up to 5x plus size cupcake dress plus size rainbow tie dye dress

So the plot thickens again with regards to sizing. Yesterday (14th August) my latest 3X from US Amazon arrived and it's smaller than the previous two of the same size I bought from the US. WTF? I estimate it's more like a 1-2X. Here's what I think has happened. A couple of months ago when I started buying from CowCow they weren't very popular as word hadn't got out, but as soon as they realised the huge demand they put up the prices and messed with the sizing. 'Hey, we now do a 5X!' is BS, they've just started calling the 3X a 5X. I'll be buying a 4x-5x in all the dresses from now on.

If you have any questions fire away in the comments and I'll so my best to answer them.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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