8 ways I use IFTTT to make my blogging life easier

8-ways-I-use-IFTTT-to-make-my-blogging-life-easier If This Then That blogging productivity tools
Since I've rebranded my blog I've had to streamline all the ways I share my content across social media. IFTTT (IF This Then That) is by far the most useful of all the tools I use to share my content. It's a content automation wonder tool which automates sharing your content to free up more time for all the fun stuff, like writing posts. Here's an example of how it works - IF a new blog post goes up on Blogger, THEN the post will be shared on my Twitter. Each little task is called an IFTTT recipe. Here are the recipes I'm using right now - 8 ways I use IFTTT to make my blogging life easier.

  1. I send new blog posts to Buffer. Once they've posted to Buffer I reshare them on any of the social media accounts I have connected to Buffer at regular intervals over a couple of days to try to catch as many people as possible.
  2. I share my new blog posts to Twitter, where I get a lot of interaction from my followers.
  3. I send new posts from Blogger to my LoveLeah Facebook page. Some of my readers prefer to comment on my posts on Facebook rather than on my blog.
  4. I send my Instagram snaps to my LoveLeah Facebook page too so they can keep up with the behind the scenes stuff too.
  5. I send blog posts to Tumblr as a photo post to save me having to share photos there myself.
  6. Blog posts are sent to Pinterest in an album just for my blog posts. I need to refine this somehow as at the moment it shares the header image and the whole text with no paragraph breaks but at least it's putting my blog link out there. 
  7. I also send my blog posts to my personal Facebook page for my friends there who like to keep up with my blog posts.
  8. I use it to post my Instagram photos to Twitter as actual images rather than a link to an image.  Because people are so visual they are more likely to seek me out on Instagram to follow if they like my photos. Few are going to click through to the Instagram link unless my opening sentence really piques their interest.
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Do you use IFTTT? If so, tell me what your favourite recipes are. If you can't comment here (I've been told Disqus is being buggy again right now) tell me your faves on my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo


  1. Hi Leah, what a fabulous list! I'm not at all organized with my blog at all. I don't really have a plan or strategy yet (only been blogging around two and half years lol :) I don't plan posts ahead, just sit down and type what's in my head and I'm terrible at noticing comments too. I have to get more on the ball, especially since this month is Blogtember when I'll try to blog every day all month. I'll have to try Buffer, I'll add it to my "to do" list :) Thank you for sharing, sending huggles xxx

  2. You're my first comment since I got rid of Disqus! Sadly that means Ive lost alllllllllll my blog comments for about the last 5 years but hey ho, there you go, shit happens. (Actually, I could probably import them from Disqus but I have far more pressing problems to fix before that). Buffer is amazing. Between IFTTT and Buffer my life is so much easier. xxx

  3. Oh no!! You have to import your comments Leah, there are so many of them and it's like a wonderful timeline of your blog it would be horrible to lose them all. Wait till your share buttons etc are fixed and it won't be so overwhelming :/ I'm the most hopeless thing when tech bites me, I mostly just have a cry and then go get a biscuit & wait for Hubby to get home to fix it :) huggles honey xxx

  4. Hahaha, there's nearly been some crying, believe me! I go between wanting to cry and wanting to punch the wall. Here's hoping it'll be finished soon. I can feel a headache coming from all the frowning I'm doing! xxx