5 Autumn/Winter trends you need in your life

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Present mini-heatwave aside, there's no doubt the nights are drawing in and Autumn is coming. With a change of season comes a change of wardrobe (out of necessity in the UK or we'll freeze!) but you don't have to wade through dozens of trends to be fashionable. Fear not, just pick a handful you feel comfortable with and work them into your wardrobe. I've been looking at all the trends for Autumn/Winter and here are 5 things I think you need in your life. Are you ready? Let's dive in!

5 Autumn/Winter trends you need in your life 

1. Quilting

Quilting is a big thing this year, and not just hiding under one when the chill bites. ;) If you were around for the puffa jacket era (I was!) this is the puffa jacket re-imagined in a classier - and frankly more attractive - way. Quilted jackets will keep the chill off in style. This is the New Look Curves Pink quilted bomber jacket - £34.99. Wear with black or grey jeans and your favourite boots.

2. Longline bomber jackets

Longline bomber jackets are cropping up all over the place and this is a trend that reminds me of little girls wearing their daddy's jackets - super cute! Wear open with a choker, knee length dress, thick tights and clumpy boots for that 90s vibe. Bonus points for wearing your hair in buns! This is the New Look Curves khaki longline bomber - £34.99.

3. Military

Military is massive for A/W and that's rebooted military like this Boohoo Plus Dina camo print bomber - £22 - or something you've just bought from an army surplus store (or even something with big shiny buttons on it). I'm starting to see khaki as a neutral and I've got a lust to pair it with powdery pinks at the moment so don't be afraid to wear some out-there colour combinations with it. Leopard print looks awesome against khaki too.

4. Chunky boots

I love chunky boots with a passion! I was a teenager in the 90s so I'm loving this reinvented trend. Of course walking in them is something else with my rubbish hypermobile joints, so this will probably be a trend I'll lust for from afar but the feels! Pair with an all black outfit and pretend you're in The Craft. These are Boohoo Madison block heeled boots - £25.

5. Ruffles

Ruffles are another major trend and you will see them on shirts, dresses, jumpsuits and more. They're a flirty feminine touch to what could otherwise be bland garments and I love them. This is the ASOS Curve ruffle front cold shoulder dress - £38.

As we go into autumn you'll be seeing a lot of earthy or muted colours - khaki, tan, beige, rust, burnt orange, blush pink and soft greys - but as we head towards Christmas expect to see heavily embellished items (think Alexander McQueen) lots of velvet and velvet-like materials, sequins, huge dangling earrings, luxe fabrics and dare I say it, some jewel tones creeping in. What's your favourite of these Autumn/Winter trends?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo


  1. Ruffles is definitely my favorite, but I'm feeling the military trend, too! xx

  2. I'm still living for those chunky boots! I also really love the pink camo bomber, it's so cute and looks like it's the perfect length for you too. x

    1. Thanks Zoe, it is because I'm a short torsoed sausage! ;) xx