The Thirty Plus Awards and what I wore

Hiya loves,

At the end of July I attended the Thirty Plus Awards as I was lucky enough to be a finalist. It was a fantastic night out and I took Mookie and her daughter as my dates.
The Thirty Plus Awards held in London July 2016
The Thirty Plus blogger collective and the awards themselves are organised by Hayley of London Beauty Queen, and they're a fabulous thing which draws bloggers together regardless of genre. There was a really warm friendly feel to the event - I got to meet lots of lovely people and Mookie and I made a couple of new friends.

I was a sneaky sausage and didn't let out any clues to my dress at all before the big night, so people were very curious to see what I'd bought. I absolutely ADORE this dress, although I'm disappointed as the embroidery has already started unraveling in several places. Not good. I love it so much I'll try to repair it though. These photos were taken in the street after the event. The event was held in a basement, so coming up to street level where there was daylight was handy to take a few quick outfit snaps.
Simply Be embroidered plus size maxi dress
Myself and Mookie's daughter.
Simply Be embroidered maxi dress plus size
I'm blaming my surprised face on the wine!
Simply Be embroidered maxi dress plus size
Simply Be- Jameela-Jamil-red-ponte-midi-dress plus size red polka dot dress

The evening was sponsored by The Body Shop, which was fantastic because we were given an amazingly generous goody bag to take away which I will share in another post. Hats off to everyone involved with organising it - both Mookie and I said it's one of the nicest, friendliest events we've ever been to.

Here are some photos from inside the venue. The lighting isn't the best but you can see some of the details plus my handbag, which I didn't take photos of when we were outdoors. It's vintage and it was already old when I bought it. I've had it at least 10 years and had been waiting for something to wear it with. It went perfectly with the dress so I'm so glad I kept it. The photos below aren't the best because of the lighting, but I've included them anyway.

Simply Be embroidered maxi dress plus size
It was a great night and I went away with many happy memories. I hope to attend next year even if I'm not nominated. You can check out Thirty Plus blogs in these places:

My outfit:
Star hair chain, July's Crown & Glory Glitterati box
Simply Be embroidered maxi dress - £69
Lace up shoes, Primark

Mookie's dress is from Simply Be also, Jameela Jamil Ponte Midi Dress.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who voted for me in the awards.
Leah xoxo

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