Knitwear with George at Asda & knitwear care tips

Howdy! I have a great affordable outfit using Autumn knitwear from George at Asda to show you today. I'm wearing/using 5 items from George at Asda in this look and the total comes out at under £60! If you're not in the UK, Asda is the UK equivalent of Walmart and offers affordable clothing and accessories (as well as groceries) online and in store. A lightweight cardigan is a way to transition towards Autumn without committing to a jacket. I don't know about you, but I avoid wearing a proper jacket for as long as possible to hold onto that summery feeling!


George at Asda sleeveless waterfall cardigan in black

My £60 George at Asda outfit has everything you need for those early days of Autumn. I'm wearing a size 24 in the cardigan, skirt and top. I always buy size 24 items from Asda and they're always ample on my size 28 body as the fit is generous. The cardigan is a lightweight sleeveless waterfall one which has lovely drape and is ideal for the early days of Autumn when there's just a chill in the air. It doesn't have pockets (alas!) and the fit is relaxed so I can wear it open or crossed over the body with one of my belts.
George at Asda sleeveless waterfall cardigan in black size 24 //

George at Asda longline stripe top

The top is cream/oatmeal coloured rather than white and has less stretch than other tops I have from Asda, but it's still a comfortable fit. I love the colour combination of cream and grey (in my shoes) and it's a combination I hope to use again soon.
George at Asda longline stripe top size 24 //

George at Asda over bump tube skirt

The skirt I'm wearing is actually a maternity skirt, so it has more room in the tummy which is great for plus size folks. It's a very fine fabric so it'll definitely be one to wear with thick tights once the cold really bites. It has an elasticated waist and is easy to slip on and off.
George at Asda over bump maternity skirt size 24 //

George at Asda embellished bow ballet shoes in grey

The shoes are a standard fit and were a little snug on the first wear but have given a little on further wears since. I do find George at Asda shoes to be a little more generous than some other standard fit shoes, but I'd recommend getting to a store to try shoes on before buying. The bow and embellishment details are really pretty and I love the soft grey colour. With every season change I find myself liking different colours, and pastel grey is a new fave for me.
George at Asda embellished bow ballet shoes in grey //

George at Asda 2in1 laser cut tote bag

This bag is gorgeous and goes with just about any outfit. It has a removable zipped bag inside and the larger bag fastens with poppers. Laser cut accessories are really hot right now and I'd love to see this bag brought out in other colours. It's a good size - I'm a throw it all in kinda girl - and the straps are long enough to be used as a shoulder bag under large plus size arms like mine.
George at Asda 2 in 1 laser cut tote bag in black //
I'm wearing:
Necklace, past season Mandy's Heaven
Cat eye leopard sunglasses
Sleeveless waterfall cardigan £14*
Longline stripe top £7*
Tube skirt £8*
2 in 1 laser cut tote bag* 
Embellished bow ballet shoes £14*
(all prices correct at time of writing)

There are lots of knitwear care tips on the Asda blog here, including my tip, which is washing knitwear in a lingerie bag or pillow case to protect it from getting caught on zips and buttons in the wash. Other tips include using padded hangers if you must hang jumpers (I fold mine and put them in my IKEA folding wardrobe) and using a bobble defuzzer/shaver if you've already got bobbled knitwear. The most important thing of all though is to wash knitwear on a low heat (30 degrees or lower) if you want it to stay in good condition.

Have you got your winter woolies out yet, or are you holding onto summer for dear life?
Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

*Items sent for review.


  1. I'm embracing autumn now, it's a bit difficult though as we keep getting given extra sunny days up here which I'm amazed by. I love this outfit on you, that striped top is gorgeous (a total bargain!) and goes so well with the cardi. Also love the tip about washing woolies in a lingerie bag, I'm forever removing bobbles from my woolen stuff because I don't take good enough care of it :) x

    1. I was the same - all ready for Autumn, and then we got more summer! I have to mentally prepare myself for Autumn and Winter because of SAD but I'm DEFINITELY going to get a daylight simulation lamp this year to help me cope. And walks in the park with the leaves falling down are pretty cool too. xx

  2. Love this outfit! It's perfect for a summer stroll and works just as well for autumn too. I know that on the calendar we've just started autumn but seriously it's so warm and muggy I've been awake all night with our poor furbaby Jade panting, in spite of the windows being open and us having the fan running in the bedroom, bless her she doesn't cope well with the heat, but then we wouldn't either if we were wearing a fur onesie 27/7 :/ Sending huggles always xxx

    1. Thanks Rosie! I keep writing that Autumn is biting, and then the next day the bloody weather is scorching to make a liar of me! I give up commenting on the weather. ;) I'm drinking so much at the moment, it's an oven in our flat! Hehehe, sod wearing a fur onesie. Hugs back! xxx