Outfit August: Be seen in green and why I wear crop tops

Hiya pickles!

I've got a right lust for everything green at the moment, so here's an outfit I put together to go to the cinema to watch Star Trek Beyond. I liked the film - especially Jaylah (she's brilliant and I adored her makeup!) but it lacked a little something for me. I'm not sure what. Maybe it was a bit heavy on effects and slightly lacking in storyline. Did you see it? If so, what did you think of it?

I'm wearing a couple of new things from Simply Be which fed my lust for green things! The shoes have sold out already, dang!

I'm wearing:
Tassel necklace, Simply Be
Daisy top, past season George at Asda similar here
Maxi skirt, past season New Look Curves, similar here
Wide fit shoes, Simply Be similar here

There aren't a lot of jade green tops or shoes around at the moment so I had a hard time finding suggestions for you for current stock, and I hate that. The shoes I've linked to are very expensive, but they're the closest thing I could find to the ones I'm wearing here.

I can't tell you the amount of side eye I get when I expose that inch or two of belly flesh when I'm out in public wearing a crop top or knotted tee. I find it hilarious. For me (and my short torso) wearing a crop top or turning a regular top into a slight crop by tying a knot in it at the side makes me look shapely. Billowing or boxy tops aren't the best thing for my body. So wear whatever makes you happy, and if people look, so what? My attitude is they're going to stare at fat people anyway give them something to look at! It's hot here in the UK at the moment so get your legs out, get your arms out, wear whatever gives you enough air on your body to cool you down. I haven't got the best legs - they're smothered in scars, bruises and discolouration but I give them the treat of feeling fresh air on them as it pleases me. My arms are fat and I have keratosis pilaris on the backs of them but I get them out to feel the breeze anyway. Sweating profusely is not my favourite thing to do, and if a few people give me evil looks, so what? It sucks to be them. I'll just breeze on by feeling fantastic. Please wear the thing! Wear whatever makes you happy. And if that is big cardigans in this weather as you feel most comfortable that way, good for you! Rock that cardi, sis! The days where fat people have to dress uncomfortably to suit other people's eyeballs are long gone.

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