3 recent nail looks

Hiya pickles!

I've got three nail polish posts here. I'm a bit behind, because two of them are from Halloween time! Eep.

This one is the most recent one, using a Collection nail, polish in shade Deadly, which is a lovely brown with gold shimmer. I only recently found out Collection don't test on animals, so I bought a couple of lipsticks as well, which I'll show you at some point in the near future. I bought them from Superdrug because they've had a 3 for 3 on make up for a while now.

This was two coats. I didn't use a top coat and I should've done because it chipped like mad. Next time, next time!

Next up are the Frankie nails I did which look pretty pants to be fair but I think you can still tell who they're supposed to be. I used a black Technic nail art pen and an MUA greeny blue for this.

Lastly we have a more detailed Halloween look which took at least an hour to do. I used ELF black nail polish and Barry M black and white nail art pens. The black one is fine but the white one is just like a tippex pen and kept getting blocked.

I was wearing this design when I went to meet Gok Wan at the Simply Be event and I got some compliments. It's the best nail art I've done (I think) and I was chuffed with them.

I have no real skill in nail art but it gives me some pleasure to try.

Do you do nail art?

Thanks for reading.

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