Simply Be? Simply fantastic!

Hi lovelies.

On Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to be invited by Simply Be to attend an event in Covent Garden and meet Gok Wan. Who, me??!

When I first got the invite I was sure I'd been invited by accident and didn't reply for a couple of days so Simply Be could come back and tell me it was all a horrible mistake. When that didn't happen I started to think about logistics - how I'd get there and who I could stay overnight with. I put out a call on my Facebook page asking if I could crash on anyone's sofa, and Nikki said she'd been invited too. A plan began to form. Nikki found us a hotel and we were a GO for Gok!

We met for the first time in the hotel room and the place was soon booming with our laughter. We got ready whilst nattering at a rate of knots and were soon in Covent Garden ready to go.

Here's us just before we went out

When we got to the hotel we found our way to the Red Room with the help of a receptionist and guided by the sound of lots of giggling ladies. We went into the room and AAAAAAARGH there was Gok, surrounded by a gorgeous gaggle of fat babes. We said our hellos to the people we already knew then went to the bar to get some Dutch courage. We had a Cosmopolitan which was approximately 99% vodka (yes!) then strategically positioned ourself near the stylish one. I'd brought Gok some Haribo sweeties as my friend Elaine had told me he's addicted to them, so I got his attention and handed them over.

Nikki's photo. Here we are! FANGIRLING!

He thanked me profusely, told me it was so sweet of me and they're his absolute favourites, then we had our photo taken together. I put my arm right around him, I wasn't going to pass up that opportunity, hahaha! I can attest that although he's thin, he's rock hard. Schaaaawing!

Nikki's photo. I look like the cat who got the cream!

After I'd had my Gok moment I chatted to lots of other ladies there -  Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat, Joanna from Just Joanna, Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies,  Cass from Plump Parsnip, Becky from The Ramblings of Mrs Bebe, Dani from Danielle Vanier, Callie from From The Corners of the Curve, Megan from The Closet of Megan Faye, Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge, and lots of others - I can't list them all for fear of missing someone wonderful out but everyone I talked to was AMAZING.

It was SO good to talk to lots of people I've known online and have been speaking to on Twitter for months. There were some bloggers there I was too nervous to talk to at first (an 'I'm not worthy!' moment) but the ones I did speak to were so utterly lovely it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It did feel a bit daunting at first but as the alcohol flowed and time passed it felt less daunting to approach people and so I did! I didn't get around to everyone but I hope to if I get to go to future events.

We had a group photo taken and we all had to squeeze in really tight so I piped up 'If it gets any tighter we're going to have some Gok juice!' He said 'Easy tiger!' and I cackled like a witch and he said I had a filthy laugh. Then Nikki laughed and Gok said 'Who WAS that?!' and told Nikki she's a filthy bitch! He also said he wanted to record her laugh and use it for his ring tone! Hahahaha. I was totally out-cackled! If you've never heard Nikki's laugh, you're in for a treat!

At the end Gok came along to say goodbye to us ladies as a whole and I asked him if I could have a quick hug. So I enveloped him in some Leah squidge and gave him a good squeeze and told him I love him, and he thanked me for the sweeties again. He is just as lovely as you'd expect him to be and I'm still buzzing. He's a total doll and I want to have his babies.

Enough talking, have at some photos!
Our tiny hotel room

Our bed! EEK!

Mirror selfies when I got to the hotel
Nikki being photobombed by Betty Pamper

Becky and her marvellous boobs

Me and Nikki Natty Noo

Nikki and the FABULOUS Dani Vani

Me looking like a walrus and Dani looking divine

Me and Cass being sexual beings

Nikki on the bed with her Chinese

We got back to the hotel, had a Chinese, cackled a lot more then went to sleep. I went off to sleep with a giant grin on my face.

I'm SO HAPPY I went and have loads of great memories of the night. Thanks SO much to Simply Be for inviting me.

Thanks for reading!

I'm going to talk about how I managed to overcome my anxiety (and do public transport on my own without a panic attack) in a post tomorrow. I will also address something a bit poop which happened on the night (which in no way spoiled my overall enjoyment) but I want this post to be ALL LOVE.