October in photos

Hello you.

This month it's a bit of a bumper edition of Instagram photos as I forgot to complete my holiday photo posts, so there are some from then as well. Oops.

Weymouth harbour//Brewers Quay//Weymouth harbour
Me//Weymouth//James and I
Lulworth Cove//My make up//Lulworth ducks

Hubs in Lulworth//pretty Lulworth cottage//me at the Cove
Cove//Dorset church//fish and chips in a gorgeous country pub
James//mum//step dad all in a lovely pub in Weymouth town centre we ate at twice

A lovely sunny Weymouth day//merry go round//patriotism
Weymouth beach//no donkey rides today//the viewing platform
Sunset back home//how I missed this view//my fave new thing

Terrible nail art//pink lips//purple sunset
Tweet from Claire Richards//earrings from my mum//pale and interesting? ;)
A belting sunset//new necklace//view from my doctors

Sky on fire//lovely decorations from K, my brother's lady//rrrrred
Pumpkin earrings//embracing the berry trend//Reeses.....yum
Travelling to London to see Gok//hungover face//my dad when I popped to see him on Halloween

As I write this it's a month since I got back from my holiday. It seems like 5 minutes and a year ago all at once.

October was a great month! I spent lots of quality time with my mum, step dad and James on holiday, my brother and my dad came to visit for the day, and I got to see my mum, step dad, dad and uncle briefly on Halloween as I made a diversion from London to Kent on the way back from seeing Gok. Of course meeting Gok was fantastic, as it was to see so many blogger babes at the event, as well as meeting Mookie and her hubby too.

Life has been really good to me this month and I'm really happy. I wish my health was better, though. I'm really struggling post the Simply Be event to look after myself as pain and fatigue are high. Still, all told it's been a blinder of a month and I can't wait to see what November brings.

What have you got to look forward to in November?

Thanks for peeking!

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