Simply Be event - the underwear

Hiya lovelies!

I didn't actually talk about the underwear the Simply Be event was about in my first post. As it was my first ever event I wanted to get the happy feelings and memories written while it was all fresh.

I don't know if you're familiar with Gok's underwear range for Simply Be, but it's functional AND pretty. It's still a case that for a lot of us plus sizers (especially on the high end of the plus size scale like me) that underwear tends to look like structural engineering, not something you entice ladies and gents towards you with. I'm pleased to say that Gok's undies are solution based pretties which help us look our best in and out of outer clothing. The bras go up to a 46DD, and I hope in his next range he'll be upping the cup sizes so bigger breasted babes can get in on the action. His pants go up to a size 32.

I'm a massive fan of these dogtooth body shapers.

This gold stitching funks up an otherwise plain piece

The banger booster bra

I really want to get one of the bras.

The pull me in pants

I have these pants in a light pink. I love the colour of these ones though - a coral red which would look sensational against dark skin tones. I must admit when I saw this colourway I made lots of noises. I was a bit taken with it, but not as much so as with the body shaper below. Could it be any more glorious?! Do you know what, if they bring this out in red and white spots I might just combust with excitement.

I'm IN LOVE with this!

This has some heavy duty hold-you-in powers.
Thanks again to Simply Be for a fab evening with lovely cocktails and food. The Cosmopolitan I had was so heavily laced with vodka it helped kill off my nerves and made my social anxiety fade away. A couple of glasses of wine on top of that and I was in my zone. Haha!

We were also given a goodie bag to take away with hand cream, Batiste dry shampoo, a lovely quality Moleskine-type notebook, post it notes, a pen, lip balm, toothpaste and some ladies even got chocolates. I forgot to take photos of the goodie bag but you can see photos on Nikki's post here.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I still have that post coming where I talk about kicking anxiety in the balls (and also about a very rude doorman) tomorrow.

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