10 thing I love about my (adopted) home town


I love living where I do so much. Here's why!

1. Being by the sea is awesome.

Before I lived near the sea, I longed for it. I don't actually go down to the beach that often, but just knowing it's there is a constant comfort.

2. Having a large arty/alternative community is great. In the town of my birth, people can be quite twatty at times. It'd be a rare day when I didn't get a fat-related insult. However because everyone is so arty and alternative down here, there are some wild sights. There are more interesting things than a fat girl going about her business so I can go to town and back without getting shitty comments and sniggers almost all of the time.

3. Having lovely places like Winchelsea and Rye half an hour away by car is a tonic. Our favourite chippy is in Rye. Yum.

4. Having this view from my living room makes me so happy. It's a massive boost to my well being. 

 5. Only having to drive for a short while to be in glorious countryside.....can't beat it!

6. For lots of lovely parks nearby to explore.

7. For being able to experience the change of seasons in such a lovely place.

8. Having lots of lovely churches and cemeteries to explore nearby makes me happy.

9. I love living in a place where my friends and family enjoy coming to visit.

10. I love living where I do, but am grateful for living close enough to both mine and hubby's family so we can visit often.

What do you love best about your home town, adopted or otherwise?

Thanks for reading.

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