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Last week one of my blog readers (that'll be you Lucy!) asked how she could love her back fat and if I love mine. The answer is I don't really, not yet. Two seconds later I twigged that people might not like their back fat/back rolls because you hardly ever see photos of fat backs and it's not really spoken about. Right then I vowed to put my own back fat on this blog and asked if anyone else would join me so I wouldn't be alone in it. So help me...

My feelings on my back fat:

I never see it. I suppose I'm lucky because as long as I've got a well fitting bra on my back fat isn't too visible through clothes - not as far as I know anyway. When hubby took these photos he looked back at them and said "Your back looks different in the photos." I asked if he meant worse, and he said yes. When you're used to seeing a body in motion, to see still images of it is somewhat jarring, I guess.

Looking at these photos objectively (and honestly) my first response is to say 'Ick.' But when I see photos of other ladies' back fat, I think it looks cute. You'll see Beth's photos after mine and I think her back looks great. I think I don't like these photos (at the moment) because it's MY back. This is the first time I've EVER examined what my back looks like. I've banged on lots in the past about how we need to normalise fat bodies by posting photos of them, and this is so true. We need to help other people to feel better about their bodies, and we need to feel better about our own. I will come back to these photos often so I can learn to love my back fat. I'm awesome and thus by default my back is awesome, plus my love handles give hubby something to grab onto when we're getting erm...acquainted. 

**EDIT** I already start to think my rolls look cute. They look soft and grab-able.

Here are my photos.

Take a moment to admire my colourful tattoo

It moves as I move

I think this looks really cute

Now onto Beth's feelings about her back fat and her photos. Beth blogs over here by the way!

When Leah posted on Twitter that she was looking for people who liked/loved their back fat I replied to her tweet instantly. My back fat is actually one of the things I love most, I often take forever in the 'shower' in reality I spend most of that time stood in front of the mirror looking at my back fat. I love how it looks in clothes, I'll often wear a fitted top which clings to my fat and makes it stand out, and I'll soon be distracted and no longer putting my makeup on or doing my hair. 

To me my back fat is even sexy, that is how much love I have for it! My back fat is mainly just above my waist and I sort of think that makes it sexier because waists are sexy especially for having someone hug you from behind. 

I was talking to my bestie about the fact I needed to take these photos and she reminded me that one of our friends from college used to call her back fat her back boobs! I definitely won't be calling mine my back boobs, my back fat is nowhere near as big as my boobs! It's still as freaking awesome and as sexy as my boobs are though.
I have to say Beth, I love the way you feel about your back fat and your love for it inspires me to love mine! You're an inspiration!

That dimple at the bottom is so cute!!

Please also check out Charley's blog here, because she's posting her thoughts and images there. 

Do you have back rolls? How do you feel about them?

If you want to do a post about your back rolls, feel free to do so if you link to this post. You can also submit photos to me if you want me to feature you in the second edition of Baby Got Back. (Just email your text and images to blog dot justmeleah @ gmail dot com.)

Thanks for reading!

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