Black Heart Creatives order

Hello loves!

I'm a big fan of Black Heart Creatives. They're the originators of the infamous c*nt necklace (which I have) and have pretty much set Twitter alight with their funky acrylic designs. I don't think they had to advertise - word of mouth from bloggers and other customers broke them wide open.

Orders come in these cute boxes

My spoils

Each necklace has this little touch on it

Of course one of the great things about BHC is they do custom necklaces. I bought this necklace because I've started to get invited to lots of events recently, and as I'm quite shy when first meeting people, this will be a bit of an ice breaker (hopefully.) This is the adult version of your mum sewing your name into your mittens.

The ol blog name necklace

As soon as I saw this necklace I was in love

I love anything studded. It's pretty much in the rock chick contract to like studs and skulls and all that stuff. My rock chick membership card would be revoked if that were not the case.

So that's that. I now own 4 BHC necklaces. Acrylic jewellery is my thing, and I've had two acrylic necklaces fall apart recently, so I'm pleased to say BHC use really thick, sturdy plastic.

Do you like acrylic jewellery? If not, what's our favourite kind?

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