My favourite 3 songs currently


Here are some songs I can't seem to squeeze out of my brain. Five Minutes is a beautiful atmospheric ballad by electro-rock band The Defiled. Listen to it with your eyes closed if you can, and drift off somewhere else. Gorgeous.

As I Drown is a straight up rock song.

This last song, Sail is cover of this song by AWOLNATION (an electro pop band.) The original is weird but nevertheless has a mesmerising quality to it. I much prefer the heavier cover, which has some ethereal vocals alongside the heavy ones which combine into a song I just can't get enough of. Close your eyes to listen to this one. It's beautiful. Once you've listened to it see if you can get the 'lah lah lah lah lah, lah lah lah lah lah ahhhhh' from the last chorus out of your head. I can't.

Thanks for reading, and listening (if you did!) Have a great weekend.

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