Too short, too tight, too much OOTD

Hiya lovelies.

This outfit is too much of everything, and I love it. Too short, too tight, too much.

I've been told I'm too much for almost my whole life, and you know what? YES I AM AND I'M BLOODY GLORIOUS.

I just wrote about 1000 words about some shit I went through in my childhood/early teens and I realised I'm still bitter about it, so I deleted it. I'm going to cut to the chase: words can and do scar. Adults have a responsibility to watch their mouths when they're foisting their effed up ideas of body image onto children. I spent 30-something years of my life in pain because of the shitty things people said and did to me when I was a child/early teen. You can't put the idea in someone's head at that young, formative age that they're wrong in every way. You just can't, not if you have a soul.

It has taken fat acceptance, feminism, the love of a good man and approximately 20000 expletives for me to purge this crap from my system and love myself. Has it been easy? Hell naw, not at first. But it has got easier with practice.

Wearing this dress is as simple as putting on a dress, and yet so, so much more. It says 'This is me, and if you don't like it you can eff off.' It says those people who could have made my entire life a misery by making me feel less than in my childhood failed.

These days if people think I'm too much - GOOD. Eff 'em! I type that with the biggest grin on my face. I am at one with it.

I bought this dress (with some PayPal money from my blog sales) from Evans last week. It's a size 26 and it's INDECENTLY short. Like if I bend over you can see my knickers short. And do you know what? I look amazing in it. Yesterday I posted this one of these photos on my Facebook wall, to all 400+ of my Faceache friends who may or may not find a photo of a fat woman sausaged into a tight dress appealing. I didn't give a shit. Not one tiny butt nugget.

I do believe they call this LIBERATION.

So, the dress? It's a double layered thing. The under layer is a thick black and stretchy mesh which gently supports you and the outer layer is a really thick jersey. It's really warm and comfortable to wear, but as it's so small on me it tends to ride up over my hips, resulting in me doing that wiggle hips thing while I pull it back down. (What, you don't do the wiggle hips thing?!) This dress comes up to a size 28 and a 28 would've been much better from the perspective of length, but it was out of stock at the time and I'm an impatient bugger.

Scarlet & Jo Powerfit dress, Evans
Belt, ASOS Curve (sold out) - are you sick of it yet?!
Tights, c/o Big Bloomers Company
Shoes, Evans (past season)
Earrings, Primark

How do you feel about really tight clothing?

Thanks for reading.

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