Current favourite liquid eyeliners


My favourite liquid eyeliners at the moment are these ones by Vivo Cosmetics.

Plum, Slate, Brown.

They're only £2 each and have a quite wet consistency, which I prefer to a dry, draggy formula. I just have to make sure not to blink for a while to avoid transfer to my upper eyelids and I'm fine. The long handle helps me to control the application as well and means I make far less mistakes. No more Alice Cooper eyeliner, yay!

Plum, Slate, Brown.

The applicator is a fine brush which moulds itself to the contour of my eye effortlessly. I've always beaten myself up for the inability to apply liquid eyeliner, but not any more. I just needed a brush like this. The 'felt tip' style nibs on a lot of eyeliners are too inflexible for me to be able to use them effectively, but this brush is perfect.

At just £2 each I'm going to get 2 of the other 3 colours - black and sparkle black. (They also do silver.)

What's your favourite eyeliner?

Thanks for reading.

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