Tartan leopard or leopard tartan OOTD

Howdy amigos!

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on Yours a month or so ago. When it became apparent my blog sales were a bust and the contribution to my new camera fund was minimal, I thought sod it and bought this dress with what I had left in PayPal.

The colour, the leopard print, the tartan, the zips - it all appealed. It's quite a punk dress.

It only comes up as high as a size 26 so that's what I bought. I was expecting body con but there was room in it and it's very stretchy, so it'd fit larger sizes with ease if you're OK with form fitting clothing.

I wore the Hush Puppies shoes we bought for the wedding (which I couldn't wear due to my daft cooked-spaghetti ankle joints) and I had a fun 10 minutes parading around in them taking photos....but it was also fun to take them off! Heels really kill my ankles.

Dress, £20 down from £25 Yours
Tights c/o Big Bloomers Company*
Shoes, Hush Puppies (they're called Noella - no longer for sale, check eBay)

What's your favourite print?

Thanks for reading.

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