Love EVERY Body #7 - legs and feet

Hello lovelies!
This month we're talking about our legs and feet. My legs carry me around every day but I don't put a lot of thought or gratitude into all the good things they do for me. I tend to notice more when my knee is misbehaving or if I have pain in my feet. I think this is true of all of us - we take our bodies for granted and tend to notice when things aren't going well instead of when they are. I'm more mindful since doing LEB to be thankful for all the things my body does - all its thankless tasks.

This photo of my legs was taken about 8 years ago, certainly before I had Fibromyalgia. My legs were fat but smooth and shapely as you can see. I used to really love my legs.
If I'm on for feet for a long time now (on a shopping trip for example) my feet and ankles swell up.

Ankle, what ankle?
My shins are red and patchy now and I don't know why, but it's been like it ever since I've had Fibromyalgia. When I bruise my shins they scar and they look dirty from a distance. This is why I prefer to wear leggings most of the time with knee length dresses.

But aesthetics aside? I have legs and can walk on them, and that's a privilege a lot of people don't have. One of my favourite hobbies is visiting cemeteries and taking photos of old gravestones, and if I couldn't walk I wouldn't be able to weave in and out over uneven ground.

Walking is a level of independence. Even a little mobility is better than none at all. My legs and feet can be painful sometimes but as long as they carry me about it seems trifling to moan about the aesthetics. As we get further into summer I might fake tan my legs to try to cover up the marks anyway.

I've forgotten something wonderful I can do with my legs which always brings me joy - dancing! There's nothing as life-affirming as having a little boogie. It's a great way of getting an endorphin boost.

How do you feel about your legs?

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