Yours Clothing Ashford store opening

Hello lovelies,

Last Friday I went to Ashford to attend the Yours Clothing store opening there. I got there at about 9.40 for opening at 10am and there were hordes of people there already. I met Katt for the first time on the day too, which was great.

The first 50 lucky ladies got a gift bag and a balloon and there were £5 vouchers for the rest of us.

This had to come home with me!

The changing rooms were brightly lit and lovely, with a chandelier on the ceiling as you walk into the area. There are lots of funny slogans on the way and a button to press, which if I recall rightly says 'You're gorgeous!'

It says 'Wow, you look amazing!' (Thanks Sophie for the correction.)
Katt taking photos

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Be mine, my pretties!

Katt spoiled for choice

Owl onesies!

The store is really large and spacious with plenty of room to move around in. The tills were ringing and chinging and there was a fun atmosphere in the shop. The other people in the queue near us were really nice. Katt and I met a lovely couple whose husband had a 'Go for it!' attitude to the wife buying clothes. I wanted to rub his arm to see if it'd rub off on James. ;)

It's the biggest Yours store I've ever been to and since it's only 45 minutes away on the train, it's my closest store. I'm sure I'll be back, but hopefully chauffeured by the mister next time. :)

Yours Ashford is in the County Square shopping centre and sells clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. Sizes on the website are 14-32 predominantly with some items up to a size 36, it may differ in store. (I didn't see anything beyond a size 32 in store, but at the same time, I wasn't looking for it either.)

I'll have an outfit post up of me wearing the dress within the next few days.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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