Plus North Simply Be & Yours Clothing catwalk shows

Hello lovelies!

Time for some more photos from Plus North. I only caught two shows, so here they are. First up the Yours Clothing catwalk show. I've put links to the bloggers/models I have links for underneath the photos.

Simply Be

The bar

I was intending to do a collage of my favourite items of clothing from Plus North in this post from all the vendors there, but I kinda got stuck into watching Divergent for the 3rd time. What can I say? The appeal of Theo James knows no bounds! Expect that post in the next day or two. There was a LOT of needful things there, but I didn't buy a single item of clothing. Go me. Go period pain for inhibiting the shopaholic in me.

I'll recreate what I wore at Plus North shortly too, since I didn't get any full length photos. Fail. :)

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