Illamasqua Glamore lipstick in Tease

Hello lovelies!

I got this Illamasqua nude Glamore lippie in a beauty box recently. This is my first Illamasqua lipstick.

It looked quite nice on the hand swatch, but it's too pale on my lips, at least with my tanned summer skin. I think in winter it'll look grand, especially with a dark dramatic eye, but right now it's a bit like concealer lips!

I've got the too light lipstick blues :D

The formula is great - long lasting and just a tiny bit drying in exchange for the longevity. It'll make a decent base with a darker colour mixed with it. I can't help but wish this was a dark and vampy colour, but at least I've quenched my curiosity about Illamasqua lippies.

Have you got any lipsticks by Illasmasqua?

I need a lay down now, I've said Illamasqua and lipstick far too many times!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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