10 Things Tuesday #2 - Pie in the sky wishlist


Today I have a wishlist of epic proportions all to do with blogging. What would make my life easier? Read on!

  1. A professional photographer at my beck and call. James does his best but I don't think he gets my vision sometimes. Like when I dressed up like a gothic witch and stomped around in boots I could barely walk in all for the fashion, daaaaaaaahlink. He just thinks I'm barmy.
  2. Some studio lighting so from October to March when it's darker than David Cameron's heart, people can actually see me in my indoor photos.
  3. A fast glass lens so I can take better shots when it's grim and grey.
  4. A whole room to house my clothes, shoes, bags etc. If not for hubby's drum kit, I could probably have a whole room devoted to my shit, but it keeps him out of mischief. ;) A walk in wardrobe would be amazing.
  5. Since this is a 'pie in the sky' wishlist, how about a big fat wad of money so I can buy lots of pretty dresses to flounce around in?
  6. A huge dressing table (and a well-lit room big enough to put it in) so I can do my make up in style.
  7. Someone to launder and hang up/put away all my discarded outfit pieces.
  8. A flat in London so I can go to allllll the events. (Seriously, I get hacked off with everything being in London and I'm 90 mins away. What about the rest of the UK?!)
  9. A chauffeur to take me to and from said events. 
  10. My own personal delivery courier so I stop getting side-eyes from the postman. When he comes up to the door looking like Quasimodo and unfurls a huge bunch of crap for me, I'm pretty sure he hates me.
What would your pie in the sky wishlist have on it? Spill!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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