**ENDED** Scholl footcare review & GIVEAWAY*

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I was recently sent some items from Scholl to review. Better still they have a set of 3 prizes to give away to one of you lovely people!

I received:

Velvet Smooth Intense Serum
Party Feet Invisible Gel Heel Cushions &
Party Feet Ultra Thin Invisible Gel Cushions

A heads up - there is a photo of a scaly ol' foot in this post, but I needed to test the serum on lizard feet to see what a difference it makes. And does it make a difference! If you're squeamish, head straight to the end of the post.

I've had a skin condition on my right foot for years. I think it's dermatitis. The skin is thick and flaky and needs a lot of care. The photo below is the result of not using my Scholl hard skin remover lately (I purchased it with my own money months ago, review here).

In the before photo there's a build up of flaky skin and dryness. I *had* planned to take 3 photos - one of my au naturel foot, one after using the serum, and then a third after using the hard skin remover AND the serum, but the difference on the au naturel foot after using the serum is so drastic I didn't need a third photo.

That's quite some difference! All I did was apply the serum (about 2 pumps worth) and waited a couple of minutes. I was blown away with the results! It's better than any foot product I've ever used.

The serum is a clear-grey liquid which absorbs really quickly and moisturises fantastically. It uses hyaluronic acid, which helps bring moisture into the skin. It retains moisture more than any other compound and is great in anything to do with face/body/skin care. The serum smells gorgeous - vaguely marine to my nose.

Initially I put the gel cushions in my Evans wedge shoes (pictured above) which was easy. I peeled them off their plastic backing and applied them adhesive side down. I wore a new pair of shoes out on Saturday and decided to unpeel the cushions and put them in those shoes. I've used Scholl gel cushions a long time ago and I think they've improved them because these ones seemed to be a lot more comfortable than I recall. I was totally at ease in my new shoes and there was no rubbing. But of course the real star in the crown of this trio of foot products is the serum, which I will be purchasing when the current one runs out.

Did you also know Scholl also do orthotics? Foot problems run in my family - both my mum and dad have really painful feet so I'd be interested to see if these will help them.

Click through to the giveaway below. It's open until midnight Monday 22nd and is for the UK only as the prizes will be sent directly by Scholl UK's PR. I will pass on the winner's details to the PR for the prizes to be posted. Good luck! Full terms and conditions at the link.

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