5 ways to beat the blogging blues

Hiya pickles!

I was thinking about the times recently when I've needed a rest from blogging due to personal reasons or feeling burned out. Here are a few tips which help me beat the blogging blues.


  1. TAKE A BREAK. If everything is getting on top of you and blogging feels like a chore rather than a pleasure, take a few days off (or longer if you need it). Do something fun, see your friends and family, or curl up on the sofa with a bunch of DVDs. When you're refreshed your readers will be ready and waiting. I felt enthused about blogging again after my mini-breaks a month or so ago and wouldn't hesitate to take one again if I need it.
  2. TALK TO OTHER BLOGGERS. They're in the perfect position to sympathise with you when you feel uncertain about your blog or blogging itself. If you've built up a network of blogger friends on Facebook or Twitter, talk to them and see if they can offer you some perspective. The bloggers I know are fantastically supportive and always there to help.
  3. LOOK THROUGH YOUR ARCHIVE. If you're tired out it's hard to be objective, so you might be beating yourself up about your blog content for no good reason. Blogging is a competitive business, and it's easy to feel like you don't match up to the big hitters. Any time I feel a bit blue I look through my archive and soon start to feel proud of what I've done so far.
  4. REDIRECT. If you're unhappy with your blog, introduce some new features. Ask for guest bloggers, do some Youtube videos or even add a new subject matter to your blog. If you're a fashion blogger with a passion for cake decorating, talk about it. If you're a wordy blogger and want to branch off into beauty, go for it! If readers are really into you they won't care what the hell you talk about.
  5. CHANGE YOUR DESIGN. It can be as simple as changing your profile photo, refreshing your About Me to make sure it's bang up to date, or else take time off to have a complete redesign. Whether you DIY it or pay someone else, a change of scenery can perk you up. If I'm feeling down about my blog, refreshing it a little always cheers me up.
Bloggers, if you get down, what helps you feel better? Blog readers, what makes you subscribe to a blog?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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