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Something I haven't really covered at all in the past is new plus size collections, which I will be trying to keep up with in future. There are a few new things in plus size land which I'll cover here.


Last week Twitter and Facebook reupted in a frenzy of oohs and ahhs over the Evans Design Collective fashion show at London Fashion Week. Evans got together with six designers - Clements Ribeiro, Giles Deacon, Hema Kaul, Jamie Wei Huang, Lulu Liu, and Vita Gottlieb - to put on the first plus size fashion show at LFW evarrrrrrrr. Apparently this moistened gussets from here to New Yawk and back, and I can see why as there are some seriously needful things in the collection.

This collection is firmly out with the nanas, and in with the new kids.

I personally love the sheers, the metallics, the laser cut pretties and the crop tops. I look forward to seeing what prices are going to be like when the collection comes out next February.


Simply Be has recently brought out a couple of collections with limited size ranges. The Kelly Brook range is touted as being up to a size 32, but much of it isn't available in the top sizes - 5 items out of the 13 available are in a size 32. They're also another Look magazine collection which goes up to a size 26. I have been shopping with Simply Be since I knew it existed and for many years it was the only place I could get fashionable clothes at all, but this size elitism doesn't sit well with me. You could say my love of Simply Be has been downgraded to a like. Of course it's excellent for smaller fats, but there's far more choice for smaller people anyway. It's not they who need more choice. Ever decreasing circles. Can you imagine the outcry if they did a range from sizes 26 to 32 and nothing below those sizes? I rest my case.


Asda have brought out a small range of clothes up to a size 32. It's cheap and basic but there are a couple of nice things. The blazer I had my eye on has already sold out, which is a good sign. I hope they get it back in stock.


I heard about Zelie for She on Instagram, I think. There are no words.

Photo belongs to Zelie For She

So pretty! This collection is on pre order and you can check out their site here.

That's about all for now. Is talking about news in plus size fashion something you'd like to see from me regularly?

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