Trying Boohoo Plus - witchy with a twist

Hello lovelies!

Once in a while I feel it necessary to check out brands which don't sell clothes in my size, so I see what's out there for readers who are smaller than me. Boohoo do very reasonably priced clothes up to a size 24, and I'm a 26/28. I saw a dress Nancy's blog and fell in love with it, but fully expected to send it back when it was too small. It fits, but due to the fabric (a very stretchy Lycra mix) it's not very forgiving - every part of my body is on display. But I love the gothic aesthetic and I'm sure it'll be one I come back to time and time again over Autumn/Winter.

James loves me in this dress, but I think I'd prefer it if I was wearing some serious control underwear, perhaps engineered by the people who made the Dartford Bridge. ;) I know I've been conditioned over the years to believe my fat body is somehow less than, and I've made progress in learning to love parts I previously disliked. Next on my list to learn to love are my big ol' thighs which are discernible through almost everything.

Aside from the body issues (which I'm totally putting down to the full moon) I do love the dress and it's a great price - just £20. As well as a quest to love my thighs, I'm also on one to stop saying 'awesome' all the time. :)

The dress has wide sleeves, a tie belt and that sexy little thigh slit. As you can see it's ankle length on me (and would be a couple of inches lower if not for my boots.) For reference I'm 5ft 5 and a half.

Boohoo Plus Sheena maxi dress
Hat, old New Look
Necklace, eBay (ancient)
Ring, old New Look
Tights, Big Bloomers Company
Boots, old New Look

Thanks for reading and have a great week!
Leah xoxo

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