Plus North goodies

Hello pickles!

This post isn't about things I bought at PN, because other than food and drinks my purse was firmly shut. It's a good job too, there was so much temptation! This post is about the sweet little gift bags I was given, which some might say is vulgar. If you're as nosy as me you might enjoy it though. ;)

I didn't go on a mission to score freebies. I didn't even get around to half the stalls, but when I chatted to the ladies on the stalls I visited, some of them handed over goodies afterwards, which was nice.

I loved the Yours bag because of all the pink & another canvas bag is handy

The notebook is really nice, but what to fill it with? Blog ideas maybe

The Elvi scarf is lovely - it's big enough to use as a sarong

General bits and bobs

A Yours pen to match my notebook

The Zizzi bag is fantastic. It's made of scuba fabric and is quite capacious at about 18 inches high. I've used it a few times since PN and it's great. I also got a cupcake from Curvissa which I totally forgot to eat and found yesterday. Yuk.

I've put up the Yours postcards around the living room as pink cheers me up.

Other Plus North goers, what was in your goodie bags? Did you buy anything?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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