Tartan dress version 2.0

Happy Monday pickles!

I decided to restyle the tartan dress from Simply Be I wore a couple of weeks ago to make it a bit more me. This cardigan is a few years old and always comes out at this time of year.

Imitating eagle eyes action man

The people's eyebrow

I prefer the length of the dress as it is here, unbelted - using a belt in my previous post with this dress made it a bit too short. The lipstick I'm wearing here is a Makeup Revolution lip velvet in shade Depravity. I did swatches here.

Cardigan, old Simply Be
Tartan dress, Simply Be
Leggings, Very.com
Boots, Fashion World
Necklace, Extreme Largeness

How was your weekend? Mine was a sleepy one. I slept 16 hours Saturday till Sunday when lady time and a migraine hit me at once. We went out for a short walk both days though as I need to get as much daylight in as possible at this time of year to keep S.A.D. at bay.

What did you do?

Thanks for reading.

Leah xoxo

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