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Hello loves!

It's reasonably rare for me to get invited to events still because I'm not a Laaaaarndaaaarna (a Londoner in English) so when I do get an invite and I can stay at the mother in law's place in the big smoke, I'm there with bells on. So when Curvy Kate invited me to their event I was in like a rat up a drainpipe, especially as it was on a Friday! Get in! (I took the MIL wine and a box of biscuits to say thanks for having me.)

I had SUCH fun! There were so many blogger babes there I already knew and I got to meet some new people too. There was LOTS of wine so I had the best time ever. Here's a bunch of the photos.

The models were all absolutely gorge, and so lovely - two of them followed me on Instagram afterwards.

The event was held at The Canvas, a really cool little cafe near Brick Lane in East London, a really vibrant area. You could write on the walls and the sofas with the supplied grey pens. We were warned against drawing cock and balls as to spare the eyes of the children who may go there in the future. Hahaha!

I didn't know that a lot of the bloggers there were actually going to be there, including one of my fave babes Abi, who gave me a massive hug when we spotted each other. In fact there was a lot of hugging and boob honking going on. My kinda night!

Very blurry AbAbi (AKA Gene Simmons tongue) and I because my flash didn't come on, grrr.

Lucie and I

We so fit!

Wine face!

Loads of bras and pants for sale

Beautiful Abi loaded up with goodies

The gorge Michaela

There was lovely food as well including some stilton dip which was TODIEFOR

There was exciting news at the event too. Curvy Kate have a new line called Scantilly launching next year. You can follow them on Twitter and keep in touch with news as it happens here.

The new Scantilly range of underwear. Ooh la la!

Abi (AKA Gene Simmons tongue) and Anne

Me and 'Kayla


The Smyth and I

I had so much fun! I got thoroughly tipsy pissed and got to catch up with loads of blogger babes - I'm just sorry I didn't get photos with everyone! It was probably my favourite event ever. Even better, James came to pick me up in the car so I didn't have to stumble home drunk on the tube! A fab night. I still smile when I think about it now. The Curvy Kate team are amazing from the head honcho to the models and everyone in between. I'm so lucky to be invited to these things once in a while.

Have you ever bought anything from Curvy Kate? I bought some knickers on the night and am waiting for a bra to come.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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