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Hello loves!

Happy Monday. I had some bonus money come in so I treated myself to a few bits from Yours Clothing when they had 25% off for Black Friday. I'm wearing two of them here - an oversized top with a sheer panel on the back and some lace-side leggings.
The sheer panel is down the centre - the top is twisted here

I know, I know, all black again! This ex gothlet loves black and I always feel fierce and vampy in it. Because both the top and the leggings have design features I don't feel this is a boring outfit at all, especially in conjunction with my butt-kicking New Rock boots. I rarely wear heels, and putting these bad boys on reminds me how invincible I feel when I'm a couple of inches taller. I walk more upright and hold my head up higher when I'm taller, but these boots are definitely the safest way for me to add extra height.

I've had problems with my joints since I fell down a flight of concrete stairs as a small child. All that trauma to my back has lead to a lifetime of pain and other problems. I've never had it confirmed, but a lifetime of easy sprains and countless injuries to my ankles and wrists (and to a lesser extent my knees, elbows, shoulders and hips) leads me to believe I might have hypermobility issues...and that would fit in with the later Fibromyalgia diagnosis as when your joints are constantly disco dancing, that will of course weaken them further each time and cause pain. One small decision to playfully jump down a step and missing the one I aimed for led to all this. Isn't life a funny ol' game?

Backing away from ruminating about how one small decision can impact on the rest of your life, let's get back to the fashion, shall we? The top is very oversized. I'm wearing a 26/28 and am glad I didn't size up as there's plenty of room in it. The leggings are made of a ponte-like fabric - they're thicker than normal leggings and I'm guessing this is to make a stronger garment overall, as of course the lace is the weak link, as it were.

Necklace, custom by Black Heart Creatives
Hair flower, past season NewLook
Bracelets gift/old Primark
Ring, old New Look
Dipped hem batwing top with sheer panel £17 Yoursclothing.co.uk
Leggings with lace side trim £16 Yoursclothing.co.uk
New Rock boots, various stockists

Here's an edited photo of my makeup.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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