Outfit Post || Woodland Walk

Hello sweet peas,

I'd wanted to do a Christmassy outfit post every day in the run up to Christmas but having a wee winter bug has changed that a bit. It's turned it into 'Let's go out and get some fresh air to feel better' every day, which has made me want to wear all the coats.

So here I am wearing another coat. James is off work until New Year now so I have a photographer and driver again, whee. We got stuck in the school run traffic and barely got to the woods before the sun went down, but I did get to stroke a very friendly dog, which made my day.

This is the second time this month I've worn this top that Mookie gave me. I really love it. Sorry not sorry. :)

I've included this photo of me facing away so you can see how kinky my hair is. You can't normally see it from the front as it's quite layered but from the back you can see how wavy it is. S'natural. *flounce*

Coat, past season Bonmarche (size 24 - oversized)
Hair flower, past season New Look
Necklace, past season Primark
Top, Pink Clove via Mookie
Skirt, past season Yours Clothing (I can't find anything similar)
Footless tights, Donatella's
Shoes, past season Very.co.uk
Gloves, very old 

I do have some more dressy Christmas/New Year outfit posts planned, but I'll do those photos indoors. I don't feel comfortable going out dressed to the nines in the middle of the day. Not with the rubberneckers around here, anyway. ;)

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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