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This year I wanted to make some homemade Christmas presents, so I bought a job lot of craft supplies to make wreaths and baubles. The wreath making didn't go too well - I launched my first (and thus far, only) attempt across the living room and it sailed on into the kitchen. Polystyrene wreaths make excellent frisbees in a pinch - who knew?!

Something I did manage without being all fingers and thumbs was making the baubles. I gathered together feathers (I bought mine on eBay), buttons and various different Christmas themed table sprinkles.

I bought my baubles from an eBay seller in China and they took nearly a month to arrive. I also saw them on the Hobbycraft website a while ago but I couldn't find them when I looked just now.

Making the baubles was really easy - the hardest part was getting the feathers in without them trying to pop out the sides. It was just a case of putting in a couple of feathers, a pinch of buttons, a pinch of snowflake sprinkles, and some other silver sprinkles I already had around the house from last year. I used some rustic twine to make the loops. Here are the finished baubles. I'm really happy with them.

I'm giving a few as presents and I've got some on our trees too and I think they look fabulous.  

If you're looking for a relatively quick and easy craft project, you can't go wrong with these. You could put anything in them - fake snow, miniature Christmas figures, photographs etc. You could even fill them up with sweeties.

Because mine aren't going to be opened I put a little clear tape on the bottom of each bauble to stop them spilling open if they're dropped.

What do you think of them? I shall persevere with the wreath making. James was giving me a running commentary while I was making one (critical, of course) so it's a wonder he didn't have to have them surgically removed from you know where. ;)

Have you made any handmade gifts this year?

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