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Hello lovelies!

It's December 1st and thus I'm in full on AAAAAARGHHHHH CHRISTMAS mode. I was patting myself on the back for only having a planned treat on Yours over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, but that all went out of the window today. I'm weak, so weak.

I *think* I might have found my Christmas day dress but it depends how it looks when it arrives. It's polyester and if it's the quality of nana's curtains I'll send it back, especially if it's not lined. I shall see! If it isn't what I'm hoping for I'll be on the look out again for something glam, bejewelled or velvet.


You can get 25% off Simply Be and free delivery in the UK today with code KLGL6.

I also got some shoes from New Look. I can't do pointy heels at all, and am hoping I can manage these chunky heels OK without my Bambi ankles making me go arse over tit. If I end up in casualty at least I'll look glamorous! ;)


You can also get 25% off of everything at New Look today (as of 1st Dec 2014) with code VIP25FP. 

Have you indulged over the weekend?

I'm sorry my posts are all over the place at the moment. I'm having a bit of a weird time with my mental health and am finding it hard to concentrate. I have a lots of good things to share though - some new bits and bobs and a couple of items to review.

Did you buy anything over this weekend?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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