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Happy Friday!

I always like to try out new clothing ranges as they come out so I can find out what the fit is like.

I bought a dress I'd seen on Hanna and liked. Missguided Plus go up to a size 24 and the dress I liked was only in stock up to a size 22, so I winged it and ordered it anyway. Yes, me in a size 22. How was the fit? Let's see shall we?!

I love the length and the cut - how it's longer at the back to account for some plus size junk in the trunk. Considering I usually take a size 26/28 this 22 isn't a bad fit on me - the only tight spots were in the top of the arms and over the bust. As you can see in the photo below, there's tons of fabric below the chest. If you're a small chested plus sizer (smaller boobs than my E cup delights, at least!) or have a narrow back, with relatively thin arms and you're a 26 or 28 I reckon you could totally get into this dress. It's the perfect dress for extreme pear shapes.

As it is I sent it back, as the arms were tight enough to limit my movement, but the dress is really well made and very thick. Missguided charge you £2.50 to send back items, even if you pay your own postage NOPE, I was wrong. There's a Collect+ label and a prepaid Royal Mail label, so they charge you a max of £2.50. It's a bit naff to pay for returns these days, but I wanted to try this dress for size so losing a couple of quid is worth it.

A couple of other bloggers have said that the range is generously sized too (except body con, I'd imagine) so if you're a size or 2 bigger than a 24 you should be OK. You have nothing to lose but £2.50, ha!

Flocked dogtooth skater dress, Missguided Plus
Acid wash jeggings, Matalan
Shoes, Everything 5 Pounds. (I don't link to individual items on E5P as everything sells out so quickly and dead links bugger up my SEO)
Ouija necklace, Hootie McBoutique

I've been taking outfit photos a lot with my glasses off lately and I prefer it that way. My eyelashes are so long they constantly rub on my glasses, and I forget to clean them before photos. So they're always smeary, and that looks rank in photos! Since I've been doing my make up more recently I want you to see my pretty eyes anyway. ;)

Have you ever done a ouija board? I haven't. When I was 14/15 there was an older boy I hung around with who'd done it a lot and it screwed with his head big time, and that put me off. I have enough demons of my own without conjuring up a few more.



Right, what have you got planned for the weekend? I think my dad and brother might be visiting this weekend, and I also need to blitz the living room and put the Christmas trees up.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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